Christopher Norman
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Nike SwooshiD

Nike SwooshID
In-store Touchscreen Experience

Nike is widely recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world. And SWOOSHiD, a multi-city pilot program, is a reflection of that innovative spirit. With 9 different shoe colors, 23 different swoosh and lace colors, and 5 swoosh graphics, customers can quickly and easily customize a shoe that’s all their own via an intuitive touchscreen interface. Pick your favorite shoe base color, select your favorite swoosh color and graphic, and then add laces to match. It’s that simple. And believe it or not, the shoe is customized in-store and ready for pickup just 30 minutes later. To support the launch, we also designed a suite of iOS applications that facilitate checkout, and manage the production and delivery of shoes.

Ecosystem : Digitally-enabled consumers, sales associates, and manufacturing are connected via an ecosystem of applications. From touchscreen to iOS devices, communications are seamlessly integrated throughout the customization process.

Sole person devoted to performing testing on the system, ensuring that all components communicated with each other harmoniously, vetted assets for color accuracy, typography lock-ups printed correctly on receipts, and that consumer phones received text messages appropriately once fulfillment was complete.

Role: QA • Product Owner

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